Eleanor Roosevelt: A Woman's Suffrage Movement

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ELEANOR ROOSEVELT Born in New York City on October 11th, 1884, Eleanor Roosevelt was a woman with copious amounts of accomplishments. Her important roles in politics as well as her involvement in things like woman’s suffrage movements distinguished her public profile as what we see today. She is one of the greatest first ladies in U.S. history. In Eleanor’s early years, her life was full of traumatic experiences. Her father was an alcoholic who was disowned by his family (Women). Her mother Anna Roosevelt, sometimes called “Granny” because of her old-fashion style, was somewhat distant to her family (Women). When her mother died in 1892 because of diphtheria, she moved in with her maternal grandmother, Mary Ludlow Hall (Roosevelt History). In 1894 when she was ten, her father, whom she rarely ever saw passed because of alcoholism (Roosevelt Bio). When she was sent off to school in England to enroll at Allenwood Academy, she went in a shy and awkward child, but when she was taken under the wing of the headmistress of the academy, Mlle. Souvestre, she became a lucid and intrepid young woman (Women). When she came back to New York she worked as a social worker in the East Side slums of New York City teaching the underprivileged. She taught the children dance and literature. She cared for them to where she was trying to make their lives a best as possible.…show more content…
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