Egypt and Mesopotamia Compare Contrast Essay

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Nnamdi Nzeadibe AP World 31 July 2013 Egypt and Mesopotamia Egypt and Mesopotamia have many similarities and differences. The similarities are society, location, and achieved technologies. Differences are irrigation, expansion, and trade. Egypt and Mesopotamia have similar societies. Their societies are similar, because they are both agricultural societies. Both civilizations were dominant in agriculture, like most early civilizations. Another similarity is their location. Their location is similar because Egypt and Mesopotamia both settled next to a river, this makes sense because irrigation was not in development at this time for crops. Lastly they both achieved similar technology concepts. Egypt and Mesopotamia's technologies concepts are similar because they both developed basic tools, intellectual concepts, and political forms. Although Egypt and Mesopotamia have similarities, they also have their differences. Egypt and Mesopotamia's irrigations are different. Their irrigation is different because Egypt has no control over the Nile's flooding, they rely on it for fertile land. Mesopotamia however, controls the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flooding with canals. One civilization can control farming, one can not. The next difference is expansion. Mesopotamia was constantly attacked by invaders, so the Mesopotamian leaders thought in expansion and conquering. In contrast, Egypt thought there was no need to learn of other civilizations, Egypt was self-contained. Trade is the third difference of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Egypt thought of itself as its own world. Egypt did not trade as much as Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia traded along and though conquest and expansion. The similarities of Egypt and Mesopotamia were achieved technologies, location, and society. The differences were trade, expansion, and irrigation. Egypt and Mesopotamia have plenty of similarities
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