Edgar Allen Poe Death Theory

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Poe was found laying on the street, dead, wearing clothing that did not fit him properly at all, they were way too small. My theory, he was either drugged or poisoned with alcohol. Edgar Allan Poe was his own enemy, could there have been a chance of him killing himself and committing suicide ? yes. Theres a good chance that’s what he did exactly ,but I don’t want to say anything just yet. As of right now, my theory is still he was drugged or poisoned with alcohol. Half of my theory being that he was drugged, I say Poe was taken somewhere no one could hear or see him, someone probably convinced him that he needed to calm down. someone probably drugged his food or drink with something strong enough to make him sick and kill him ,but not strong enough to do it in one day. Someone probably has been drugging his food or drink day by day waiting for the day he dies to happen. Why do i think that? I think that because over time, he started to get very pale and very Ill. By the end, before his death he probably went crazy and didn’t know what he was doing. As I go through more and more theories,i should say, Poe had kind of a weird life. Number one being that he married his first cousin and after some time he had a baby with her, to me, thats weird. Would anyone he knew look down on him? most likely, so maybe that made him gain too much stress, thinking about what others were saying about him and his wife and cousin and their family. Another strange part of Poe's life would be the fact that most of his close family , including his wife, all got the same disease and they all died from it. Poe knew that his wife was going to die the second he heard that she got the disease , so he was not surprised when she did end up dying. He was probably gaining way too much stress. Now, i’m back to where

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