Economic Developments During General Ayub Khan'S Era

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1. Abstract 3 2. Executive Summary 3 3. History of Economical Structure Of Pakistan 4 4. Land Reforms. 4 5. Industrial Development 5 6. Economical Developments 6 7. Changes that Occurred in the System 6 8. Effects of the Changes made in the Economical System 7 9 References 8 Abstract. In this Research paper the development of Pakistan's economy in the Gen Ayub Khan’s era is explored, first by analyzing the role of the Industrial reforms which he introduced , followed by his generous land reforms, this paper also examines Pakistan's economic performance in the Ayub’s Regime, its political tribulations, and the impact of American foreign policy since the 1950s. By examining the changes that occurred due to Gen Ayub’s policies this research paper will conclude either the policies and reforms introduced by Gen Ayub Khan were beneficial for the people or not. Executive Summary. In Gen. Ayub’s regime we can see a clear unfolding of certain trends and developments represented what may be described as an ideological change in Pakistan. Under him there was economic change through industrialization, improved agriculture and modest land reforms spreading to areas other than Karachi,
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