East Of Eden Character Analysis

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S.O.A.P.S.Tone-“East Of Eden” I. Speaker- The Speaker isn’t really known throughout the story. East of Eden is told in third person and the speaker resembles John Steinbeck himself. But throughout the story the narrative role is shifted through a few characters for a small period of time. II. Occasion- Mainly the Salinas Valley in Northern California. * Larger-Caleb tried to overcome temptation. * Immediate-Caleb tries to overcome his temptations to be favored by his father, Adam. III. Audience- This books audience is for people between their teen to mid-life years who want to read something about the power of the internal battle of good vs. bad. IV. Purpose-To show how hard it is to overcome temptation and…show more content…
When Cathy was a young girl, she murders her parents and carries out living a life of corruption and prostitution. She was very ruthless and deceiving for her own benefits. Cathy Ames was always a noticeably different individual. Even as a young child she was a cold hearted woman. She had this natural evilness, as if it was her nature. Cathy also had no respect or remorse. She was the mother of Aron and Caleb, and was also wife of their father Adam. Cathy slept with Charles, Adams brother, while she drugged Adam on their wedding night so he wouldn’t know. She had no remorse in doing this. She also blackmailed most of the men she prostituted herself with for her own benefit. Cathy mentally destroyed many people like her English teacher who she mentally tortured so much that committed suicide. Cathy is a vulgar woman who lacks everything but corruption and her evilness is…show more content…
John Steinbeck made the plot interesting and the themes behind the work were truly brilliant. The book had its points were they were very descriptive but didn’t keep me interested enough. Reading through those boring parts is completely worth it though. Steinbeck makes the book easy to understand and i like that quality a lot about this book. In my opinion, I got the idea that this book was written more for the workings of the mind but at the same time Steinbeck wanted to make you feel something as you read this. I think it was written for the workings of the mind because he wanted to get his point across about the constant internal battle of good vs. bad. What I enjoyed most about this book was the way he used characters to portray actions or ideas. For example, he used Cathy to represent evil and Aron to represent the internal battle of good vs.

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