East Coast Training Workshop Paper

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June 3rd, East Coast Training Workshop LOCATION: Double Tree Annapolis 210 Holiday Court Annapolis, MD 21401 410-224-3150 DATE: SUNDAY June 3, 2012 TIME: 10:30AM-6:00 Registration starts at 10am. A $10 registration fee in cash only at the door. Lunch! A YUMMY boxed lunch will be available for us to purchase from the Port of Call Restaurant (in hotel) from 12-1:30pm for only $10. You get a fresh sandwich with chips, fruit, cookie and a drink. It's a great deal and you can grab and go take it back to class. Training Class Descriptions 10:30-11:00 Using Facebook to Promote Your Business – Interested in using social media, specifically Facebook to help grow your sales and build your team? Not sure what you should and shouldn’t do online to…show more content…
You'll see her 4 Key Speeches in action and learn how to use the Rule of 3 to boost your toy sales! Heather Pillow joined Slumber Parties in 2006 with the goal of bringing in an extra $1,000 to help with family finances. Within two years, she was earning a six-figure income working just twice a week! Heather has sold more than $600K in 6 years and served on the Advisory Board since 2008. In 2012, Heather was invited to serve on the Presidential Advisory Board, a lifetime appointment. Heather lives in Warrenton, VA with her husband Adrian and their three children: Susan, Max and…show more content…
Lingerie Swap! 3:15pm Please line up in hallway and turn your tickets in for a mystery new piece of lingerie Bring lingerie you can’t sell for our lingerie swap. They must be in a bag you cannot see out of. The lingerie does get inspected for any holes, rips, tears, stains, missing panties or blatantly not our SP lingerie and can be refused. You can bring as many pieces as you would like to swap out. Product Raffle! 3:15pm in hallway listen to see if your raffle ticket is picked Please bring a retail item for a fun retail winner take all raffle of $11 or up. If you want more chances to win this, bring more retail items. Every one you bring will give you another ticket. We will break this into two or three raffles when they get really

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