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Joshua Parker 28 April 2011 Duck Hunting Duck hunting is a sport that people do all around the world. Duck hunting first started in 17th century with shotguns. It was a single shot shotgun but today there are all types of shotguns you can use. The reason you use a shotgun to duck hunt is because a shotgun shell has a spread pattern of steel bb’s that are easier to hit a duck with while they are in flight. Another word that is used besides duck hunting is waterfowl hunting. Waterfowl are ducks and geese. Waterfowl hunting provides feathers to make a down blanket, food and it’s a sport. Today the people that do duck hunt just hunt for the fun of it and to have the meat of the bird. Most do not make down blankets anymore. Ducks are warm-blooded animals that are covered with feathers. They have webbed feet that helps them swim well and a bill for gathering food. They lay eggs and most nest on the ground, some nest in trees to keep away from predators. Ducks are all different sizes and some fly faster than others. Every duck has different colors and make different sounds. Some stick together in large flocks but some fly in a group as little as two, sometimes even by their self. A male duck is called a drake and a female is called a hen. Most ducks shed their body feathers twice a year. Most all drakes lose their bright plumage after mating which means for a few weeks it resembles a hen. That is called eclipse plumage. Drakes are more colorful than the hens. Most water fowlers like to try and kill the drake instead of the hen. Sometimes it is hard to judge which one to shoot at when the are flying quickly past you. There are many types of ducks. There are puddle ducks and diver ducks. Puddle ducks are ducks that are typically found in swamps, shallow ponds and flooded corn or wheat fields. They like these types of places because they feed by sticking

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