Dual Oppression of Black Women in the Color Purple by Alice Walker

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The Color Purple written by Alice Walker, an American African female writer, was published in 1982. Alice walker was an activist in African American civil rights movement; therefore most of her writings are influenced by the time period and her involvement in the civil rights movement. She mainly writes about racism, feminism and sexism. The novel, The Color Purple, also includes these general themes of her writings. The story is set in the south of the United States of America in the first half of the twentieth century and chronicles the struggle of several black women in rural Georgia. During that period, there was a great unrest and poverty in the black communities of the South and the black woman were the victims of abuses by both white assailant and the black men of their own community. During the 1970s and 1980s, feminist movements were also active in bringing up women’s issues and to liberate them from male oppression; hence, the women’s writing was one of the most common ways for feminist to bring women’s issues to the world, and particularly black women’s rights by black writers such as Alice walker and Toni Morison. This paper will undertake the issue of dual oppression of black women because of patriarchal structure of the society and the racial discrimination against the black communities according to the Alice Walker’s description in The Color Purple. The story of The Color Purple is in the epistolary form in which Celie, a poor black woman, writes letters to the God and describes the oppressions she goes through in her life. She is raped by her stepfather at the age of fourteen and is separated from her children. In the struggle of saving her younger sister Nettie from her abusive father, she is forcefully married off to a brutal man Mr. ____, a widower with four children; however, her husband separates her from Nettie. Celie’s life improves when Mr.
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