Drug Issue in Life Span Development

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An Assessment of Drug Issue in Lifespan Development Calin Eugen Ciuhat Psychology 500 Introduction to Human Development May 9th, 2011 Dr. Venezia Abstract The nature of development contains developmental issues and also the keys and the strategies to evaluate them. The individual biological environment represents an important component of the nurture, the nutrition, medical care, and drugs with a major influence in the individual’s life. The drug abuse is affecting different population segments and age groups, and a lifespan research from this perspective can identify the variables, which are responsible for the development of drug abuse during an individual’s lifetime. The substance abuse is a major threat, and the beginning of the new millennium found in the American society a bigger percentage of individuals using illicit drugs. More evidences shows that legal and illegal drugs are available to individuals, starting with adolescents, creating long-term effects in the lifespan development, affecting the health status of the person and reducing the life expectancy. This strong issue that belongs to nurture represents a component of a high risk environment, which is growing by time, affecting the society. Drug Issue in Life Span Development Research in the area of drug abuse demonstrates that the use of drug is not limited to a segment of population or age group. Evidence shows that the most exposed to drugs are the adolescents. The family is implicated in the initiation, maintenance, and prevention of drug abuse by its members. Millions of teenagers are using the legal drugs on the market, as alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, and many of them are consumers of illegal substances as amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Most of these drugs will initiate in adolescents sexual relationships at earlier ages, high risk for intentional and unintentional

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