Domestic Violence In Albania Essay

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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN ALBANIA According to sociologist household is defined as a group of individuals connected by blood or by marriage, living together, cooperate economically and share responsibility for common adult children. But in our time the family has lost peace which is expected to characterize. It is threatened not only by traditional factors such as death, illness, various disasters, poverty but non-traditional as deviant behavior, conflicts, violence, alcoholism, drug misuse, neglect, disease transmitted sexually, etc. So the family is a structure that encompasses a variety of relationships and roles and as such is vulnerable from the violence within it. Based on the universal values of family. the United Nations Organization defines domestic violence as an act that results or is likely to result in physical, sexual or mental harm, including threats or similar acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of freedom. Domestic violence is a form of fewer crimes reported. Usually considered a private matter, therefore it is not known with precision the size and frequency of the phenomenon. Conducted studies show that domestic violence, especially against women and girls it has increased during the transition period. The difficulty of collecting information on domestic violence is a consequence of the economic situation of victims, which in many cases are poor. There are several forms of violence such as: Physical violence includes pushing, hitting, scratching, closing at home, hit with hard objects, threatening with a knife or other weapon, refusal to help the woman when she is pregnant, attempted murder to the most severe form , murder. Forms of physical violence are also efforts to control and monitor the movements of women. Women who suspected that there are "regular" and "correct" relations are often victims of extreme forms of physical violence. They not
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