Discuss the Growth of the Various Types of Popular Music in Films from the Late 1940s Up to 1970. Please Mention Specific Films, Styles, and Composers When You Can

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Popular music began its entry into film scores after World War II. Until this time, most scores still characterized classical film scores with wall-to-wall music and a full orchestra. However, this slowly began to change. Before the 1940s, popular music was rejected due to the difficulty of applying it to the changing moods in films. However, with the growth of the New American Cinema Era, where this style of changing moods was replaced by a single, general mood, popular music became acceptable. Eventually, popular music would become the dominant style of musical scores from the 1940s to the 1970s. Beginning in the 1940s, a new style of music began to appear in movies with the scores of Aaron Copland. This style became known as American Nationalism. This style was identified by its wide melodic leaps and its mild dissonance, which would have made it difficult to sing along with. However, it became distinctly American and was often used patriotically. This style theme is greatly evident in the score of The Best Years of Our Lives, written by Hugo Friedhofer, which is about veterans returning home from the war. Since the movie is about veterans, American Nationalism creates a strong patriotic mood in the scenes in which it is used. Another important film concerning the use of popular music is Laura, which was released in 1944. The theme song for this movie became one of the most popular songs of the decade. Also, the theme was the dominant tune for much of the movie. It is heard in the opening credits, as source music in the restaurant scene, and as underscoring thereafter. The use of one dominant theme throughout the movie became one of the distinguishing traits of movies filmed from this point
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