Discuss the Basis of Agrippina's Power and Influence

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Barnett states that “Agrippina would make much of her Julian descent… this dynastic connection was powerful in itself.” This source is can be considered a strong reference in responding the question of discussing the basis of Agrippina’s power and influence. It shows that through her Julian descent, not only was she born into royalty and a strong bloodline, but brought into a world where her parents were greatly loved by the people of Rome making the power she longed for much easier to fall into. There are several aspects to Agrippina’s power and influence that allowed her to succeed in the Roman Empire. Her ability to gain power was not only through influencing the people around her; both immediate and extended family, staying faithful in marriage she might of come by and being a mother like hers that Rome looked up to and desired to be. Julia Augusta Agrippinilla (little Agrippina), born in AD 15 in the era of Tiberius’s reign, was brought into a strong and powerful dynasty of the Julio-Claudian’s. Agrippina was a direct descendant of the Julian bloodline, therefore automatically gaining the respect of the Roman people. She was the fourth child to her parents Germanicus and Agrippina the elder along with three elder brothers Nero, Drusus and Gaius (Caligula). Her father Germanicus was a military commander who managed to suppress serious mutany in the lower regions of Germany therefore gaining popularity and respect by his legions and the Roman people. This gave Agrippina an automatic gateway to being admired by society at the time. At only three or four years old Agrippina’s father Germanicus, died of a suspected poisoning in AD 19. it was assumed by his wife Agrippina the elder and majority of the Roman public, that the greatly loved Germanicus died at the hands of emperor Tiberius, evidence supporting this although seems to be hard to come by. When her brother
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