Difference Between Sociology And Common Sense Essay

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Difference between Sociology and Commonsense Some people criticize sociology for being merely commonsense and it’s nothing but the application of commonsense. I’d say Sociology and commonsense are slightly incomparable. To demonstrate this viewpoint, it is useful to consider the definition of each sociology and commonsense. The most basic definition of sociology is that it’s the scientific study of society and human behavior. Getting a little more depth, it is the study of society and human in groups and how they interact with one another. Sociology likes to get ‘behind the scenes’ of what seems to be happening and comes up with a much convincing explanation. Sociologists use theory to prove a point. They make a deliberate attempt to look beyond their own personal experiences and take into account the experiences of those whose life situation is different from their own. They do not always accept what they are being told is true. Sociological knowledge has to meet certain standards using good quality evidence that live up to acceptable standards. After their research, the outcome will be published so it’s accessible to anybody who wants to read it. These contributions will be open for sociologists to revise and update the results which will become current social knowledge. Sociology also uses date by systematically observing the real world which will provide evidence that enables sociologists to claim that what they know is true. Commonsense is based on our own personal experience and understanding. Commonsense does not always accurately predict reality. People see commonsense as true facts; it is looked at to be true. Sociologists would argued that commonsense thinking is too accepting and uncritical of much that goes around us, they limit too see the world not from any other point of view but their own. Different people will have different perspectives of

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