Describe the Characteristic Features of a Biome of One Tropical Region That You Have Studied Essay

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The tropical rainforest biome occupies the area 100 North and South of the equator, where the yearly insolation and precipitation is abundantly high. These conditions provide optimum growing conditions for the flora that thrive in this region. Precipitation is the chief determinant of the overall type of vegetation and thus ecosystem development, however soil nutrients is the main limiting factor to the growth for such tropical vegetation. The climate of this biome is characteristically hot and humid, with an unwavering constant yearly temperature of 270C that rarely exceeds 320C. Despite this, the diurnal temperature can vary as much as 10-150C due to the waxing and waning cloud cover throughout the day. Furthermore the annual precipitation is between 2000-3000mm coupled with a high humidity ranging from 80-100%. Due to the proximity to the equator most areas experience an equal split of day-time and darkness. Although the flora of this biome experience a constant growing season, dry seasons can emerge as the ITCZ migrates after the equinox, resulting in lower rainfall and a subsequent increase in average daily temperatures. The vegetation in this area is thought to be the classic climatic climax vegetation of the planet and due to the biomes long term stability over millions of years, competition for sunlight among the plant species is such that every species occupies its own niche, often symbiotically with other neighbouring plant species. This allows a large variety of species to coexist without excessive competition for resources, a process of resource portioning. For example Lianas, a climbing vine, shares a symbiotic relationship with the forest trees. Because forest trees reach towering heights with a shallow rooting system, they can easily be uprooted, however the Liana grows up the trunk of a tree and once it reaches the canopy layer it grows onto

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