Dementia And Alzheimer's Disease Analysis Essay

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For all the topic that we have from Chapter 1 to Chapter 15, I can say that my best interest here is Dementia and Alzheimer. I learned a lot from that chapter on how it’s developed and starts and at what age. Also, the symptoms and causes of dementia are explained here in the text. It really helps a lot for me this topic because I can apply this to my daily life at work. I work with the dementia patients, so from what I read I gained more knowledge, like how I deal or taking care of dementia patient, and how this develops. Because I am still wondering for this patient before till I read this and get better understanding for the dementia patient. I was always wondering why they keep on repeating the same question over and over or saying something the same. No matter how many times you answer it and explaining to them…show more content…
I really love my job and I really enjoying to work to the older people even though sometimes it is frustrating but at the end of the day it makes me feel better, being a better person, and I can say one of my achievement’s is helping people. I try to get more research for this and found out the stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. After I read this now I can say I get fully understanding to Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Patients. The following are the Stages of AD  Stage 1- No impairment- The person that not show signs of memory problems.  Stage 2-Very mild cognitive decline- The person thinks that he or she has memory loss or lapses, Familiar words or names are forgotten. The person does not know where to find keys, eyeglasses or other objects. These problems are not seen by family, friends or the other health team.  Stage 3- Mild cognitive decline- Family, friends, and others notice the problems. The person has problems with memory or concentration and with words or names. The person loses or misplaces something valuable. Functioning in social or work settings

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