Death Penatly Essay

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English 1301 December 4, 2013 Paper Number 4: Interpretive-analytical-evaluation “Death Penalty’s False Promise: An Eye for an Eye” “Death Penalty’s False Promise: An Eye for an Eye” “Death Penalty’s False Promise: An Eye for an Eye” by Anna Quindlen is an essay about the opinion and the point of views that Anna Quindlen has over just about the most controversial topics the Death Penalty. Anna Quindlen is a reporter and describes herself as a “Crime buff” which is a person that has a big interest and loves to research about crimes that are committed. Anna Quindlen stated that she was fascinated with the Washington Ted Murders because she could see herself as being one the victims. She goes on to write about how she is against the death penalty but at the same time she thinks of herself as hypocritical towards the death penalty. Anna goes on to say that if she of the parent of one of Ted Buddies victims she would with great pleasure kill him herself. She talks about how “what many people want from the death penalty, they will never get”, because she believes that the death penalty should be given to the murderer the way they did their victims. Anna Quindlen goes on to give examples of a couple situations in which she try to prove how the death penalty seems to be and what it actually is. In Anna Quindlen’s essay she said the statement “Ted Bundy and I go back a long way” which she means by that is that ever since day one of the murders that started in Washington she has followed these unsolved murders and story. She even feels she a connection with Ted Bundy because she could have seen herself as a potential victim of Ted. What she meant by using these statements is that she tries to show that she knows exactly what the horrific things Ted Bundy did to his victims and even then still makes the statement “He and the death penalty seemed made for each other”, but
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