Structure About “Death and Justice” by Edward Koch Essay

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Author: Juan Carlos Rios 11/06/12 EN108 home work: structure about “Death and Justice” by Edward Koch This paper discusses the essay “death and Justice”, by Edward I. Koch, former congressman and mayor of New York City. He As a supporter of capital punishment for criminals who committed murder, his views have been the subject of much controversy, and Koch shows how he took arguments that arose against him and used them in his essay to confirm his own stance. We view Koch’s opinion that he has toward the death penalty in today’s world. In an English lesson “Koch reviews a variety of excuses to abolish death penalty” lecturer Clarissa said, “he argues the importance of the death penalty, as well as, he argues excuses of death penalty opponents.”. “He argues the ethics and politics towards the importance and support of the death penalty” The Allyn and Bacon Guide to writing said. This paper will expunge on how Koch uses shock tactics, fear and statistics to support his views effectively dissecting his voters` opponents towards capital punishment, he then concludes that capital punishment affirms the fact that life is precious by brining justice to the people who do not value the life of another. The introductory paragraph of his essay, demonstrates to us the readers structure that he is using by introducing and narrating 2 solid examples of cold blooded killers that were convicted with capital punishment. Take note that Koch begins his essay by narrating to readers about the execution of Robert Lee Willie, where Willie told his executioners that they were no better than him, if they continue the execution. Koch goes on to state Robert Lee Willie only then understood the sanctity of life. Which Koch then states in his essay “I can`t help wondering… murders to speak against killing as they entered the death-house door. Did their new found reverence for life

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