Dead Poets Society

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Dead Poets Society At the welcoming ceremony for new students, Mr Nowlan is introduced and explains the principals of the Welton academy ( a school only for boys), which are tradition, excellence, discipline and honour. Mr John Keating who has been a student on the school, is introduced too. He is a English teacher, who has his own conception of teaching. He is inspired by values like passion, imagination, beauty, language and love which he integrates in his classes. His slogan is “Carpe Diem”, which means “seize the day”, therefore he wants his students to think of their own life, choices and become individual persons. Some boys re-found the “Dead Poets Society” which is a secret club, where the boys meet in a cave to read and write poems to express their emotions. One of the themes in the film is “Growing Up” - because Mr. Keating shows his students that they need to make their own decisions about their life’s so they can grow up, knowing that their choices have been their own. They can't be controlled by their parents, teachers or others from their social network. They need to live their life's and make decisions by themselves. Only that way, they can grow up, an become anything they want, not what anyone else want. The second theme in the film is “ Carpe Diem” - because the boys need to live their life's every day. They need to do what they want and take decisions by themselves. Mr Keating what the boys to look at their own life's and become a individual person. I've compared the film with the stories “Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart” and a story I’ve have read called “ Dear Fucking Diary” ( Kære fucking dagbog ). The reason why I've compared the film with the Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart, is because of the choices they get. In the Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart, Lucy has hit a girl because Bethan wanted her to do it. The reason why I choose to compare these, was

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