Liberty in the outsider vs dead poet society

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Freedom: The Outsider vs. “Dead Poets Society” Liberty, as a significant human right, it is also an illusion. A person is free to do only what is accepted by society. This brings the question of whether freedom truly exists, and it does not. Jean Jacques Rousseau once stated “Man is born free, and yet everywhere he is in chains.” This statement illustrates that society in general has a limited liberty, since the guidelines which everyone lives by have severe consequences for those who desire to be different, and refuse to conform to the rules set up by society like the majority of individuals. In Albert Camus’s The Outsider, freedom is portrayed as the conformity with the guidelines and expectations created by society, and following this rules in search of acceptance. Meursault is the “outsider” in the novel, because he refuses to be what society expects of him. Instead he chooses to be different and live by his own set of rules and expectations. Mr Keating from the movie “Dead Poets Society” is a high school teacher for the private school Welton, who gives his students a new perspective in life as they begin to follow their own dreams and ideas, which completely contradicts the expectations of their parents and school representatives. In both the novel The Outsider and the movie “Dead poets Society” it is evident that liberty does not exist, since a person is only free while obeying society’s guidelines. It is difficult to Accept that a people live by society’s expectations. Every person aspires to be unique and to have an original life, but everyone lives and acts the way in which they are expected to. This is clearly illustrated by the character Meursault as his personality bothers the reader indirectly, because he is so distinct. The first lines of the novel demonstrate the type of person he is, as he says “Maman died today. Or yesterday maybe, I don't
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