Dead Man's Pocket

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Full Pocket? Sometimes people want something, but once they have it they realize they were better off without it. In the short story, “Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket" by Jack Finney, the main character, Tom Benecke, is a young man who is obsessed with work, recognition, and success. Tom allows these obsessions to take over his life and they become his priorities. Through a dangerous circumstance, Tom Benecke risks his life trying to fill his empty pockets; however, he learns what he should have been filling his pockets with all along. Tom Benecke is a tall, lean, dark-haired man who is more concerned about success at work than the truly important things in his life such as his wife. This character was interesting to me because of the lessons he learns about life and himself throughout the story. I do not like Tom's selfishness and his obsession with work, but in the end of the story I came to admire the choices he makes to change himself. A friend of mine reminds me of Tom because she always puts other things before her family. I can relate to Tom's character at the end of the story because I see the value in putting family first. In the beginning of the story, Tom is shown as a man who would rather work than spend quality time with his wife. “Got to get this done though” (111), is Tom’s response to his wife when she asks him to go to the movies with her. This shows how selfish Tom is because he decides to spend time working on research for a promotion rather than spending quality time with his wife. He becomes so obsessed with trying to make himself look better and receive a promotion at work that he loses sight of what is most important in his life. Tom has been working for months on the research for the promotion and has recorded the information on a yellow piece of paper. After his wife leaves to go to the movies alone, the piece of
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