Moving Into the World Requires the Courage to Overcome Internal and External Barriers.

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Moving into the world requires the courage to overcome internal and external barriers. Imagine a world with no courage. A world where at the end of that yellow brick road, the lion doesn’t get his medal. Moving into the world is an essential aspect of growing up. It involves the process of psychological development to encourage an individual to transition into a place where courage is abundant. J.C Burke and Peter Barrett reveal that the only limitation of moving into the world is fearing the experience and emotional struggle that comes with overcoming internal and external barriers. The novel ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ and the featured article ‘A Bus Ride to Peril and beyond’, successfully conveys that when audiences move into the world individual freedom is extended. This is seen through the notion that moving into the world often involves facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. Both texts demonstrate the hope for individual freedom as a result of moving into the world and that facing challenges is part of the experience. JC Burke forges a closer connection with the audience through first person narrative, revealing the story from Tom’s perspective. Readers experience his emotions with rawness and understand the difficulty with moving into a new world after experiencing the backlash of the town following his brother Daniel’s car accident. Tom described his struggle by saying, ‘I was sucked deep into that black tunnel… knowing more than anything… that things would never be the same’. The metaphor of a “black tunnel” conveys the ongoing search for courage in Tom’s situation and his struggle to face the consequences of his brother’s reckless actions. Tom’s fears limit his individual freedom, however it is his uncle Brendan who later acts as a mentor for Tom, providing him with an emotional outlet and giving him encouraging advice. “I forced myself to get out of

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