Danny And Reuven In Chaim Potok's The Chosen

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“The Chosen” The Chaim Potok perspective impacted the “The Chosen” in a very large way starting with he was raised as a Hasidic Jew. Another impact Chaim Potok had on "The Chosen” was raised with four other kids in his family and all of them either became Rabbis or married one, which relates to Reuven issues with his father. Chaim Potok was raised all his life as a Hasidic Jew just like Danny and Reuven were. He was alive during the time period of WWII as were the two boys in the story. Potok being Jewish has great impact on this delightful novel because he was able to explain everything in such detail because he knows and understands the complexity and severity of this religion. “ A father can bring up a child any way he wishes, “he

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