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REVIEW OF THE CHOSEN Gregory A Keels II CS501 People As Social and Cultural Beings October 26, 2012 You will come across very few stories that talks about the exciting journey about the tale of two young boys, their fathers, their friendship and the busy sometime confusing life they live. Through all of that you see the book The Chosen on the surface level this book is about two families who have different religious beliefs. However when you look deeper into the book it is so much more than that. This story is about two people Reuven Malther and Danny Saunders who was introduce to each other through a baseball game and help each other through their childhood and college years. This book was written by Chaim Potok. Mr. Potak was…show more content…
Unlike Danny’s group you did not see things such as prearranged marriages. Throughout the story you see that they interacted and invited other groups into their inner circles. This is how Danny and Reuven became such great friends. Time/event Looking into the power point slides this section is based on how each group uses events to mark how time passes by. The first thing that comes to mind is how the book started. The book starts out with the two groups playing baseball together. This has to be the most important event in the book because this event I what started the friendship between the two. In Danny’s group they went strictly by the Jewish calendar. Any type of event that happened on that calendar from different holidays and festivals to the Shabbat and Bar Mitzvah each event was very important to this group and meant something. Along with this the war and everything that was going on was very important to them throughout the story. With Reuven’s group they too went by the Jewish calendar and took it very serious. But there were others things I found while reading this book. Time was marked through school. Really you can say this for both characters and groups. The book starts off with both in High school and goes all the way through college. The war was of big significance

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