Dance Is Not A Sport

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Chapter 1 1. It says in the book on page 12 1st paragraphs. If sports are institutionalized competitive physical activities played to achieve internal and external rewards then why aren’t competitive dancing, aerobics, jump roping and cheerleading counted as sports? Jump roping can be considered a sport, for the fact that it gets the luxury of having sponsorships just like games that are considered a game, funding, and also because they to earn medals and trophies in activities like the games that are considered a sport and practice like all other sports played. If you should get rewarded for something that is competitive it should also be credited as a sport. 2.…show more content…
What is some reason why it’s not considered a sport? Well first dance is not a sport I believe it is an activity and something you do to just have fun. So therefor I think dance is not a sport because of many reasons. First of all, people don’t work extremely hard. Second, there is no ball or running. Also, there is no dance in the Olympics. So if you’re a dancer and enjoy it, don’t dance because you think it’s a sport. Just dance to have
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