Ayn Rand Contrasts About Equality 7-2521

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1.The old locks and lack of guards in the palace of corrective detention indicate that they believed that they never needed to have improved the security because they never expected for someone to think on their own like equality 7-2521. Naturally everyone wouldn’t even think about escaping due to the precautions taken if they were found. Equality 7-2521 doesn’t care for this all he cares for and that drives him is to be with the council of scholars. That’s how it was so easy for him to escape he thought about it on his own he believes that every can think on their own an no one thinks for another this is what allows equality to excel in life.‬ 2. Ayn Rand contrasts about equality 7-2521 and the collective government by saying “they or we”…show more content…
It is the only time he thinks of what he has left behind. Also the reason why he laughs is that He discovers he does not look like his brothers, because they are shapeless, formless, and downtrodden while he is thin, strong, and lithe. He is hard and strong and concludes that he can trust himself and has nothing to fear of his own company.‬ 8. The uncharted forest symbolizes our society being burned and hidden in the leafs it symbolizes free thought action and freedom in general. Here is where equality opens up and sees his reflection and sees he looks much better than his brothers and he can become scientifically greater to.‬ 9. The reunion of the golden one and equality is great and equality is amazed on what the golden one has to say and do she bows to him telling him she wants to be apart of his life and be apart of his damnation she says that do what you want just don’t send me away. The golden one and equality kiss and snuggle together. Equality suggests that they forget their brother sand only thinks about their time together and the golden one agrees. For the first time in his life, Equality 7-2521 begins to suspect that there is some error in the way he has been thinking up to this point to doubt the laws he was taught by the society in which he

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