Cyber Law In The Business World

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Take a moment to think about how the world has evolved over the many generations of man- how amazing inventions have replaced old means of communication and production, and how society has changed within history. It’s safe to say that a great deal of the changes in society are due to the ingoing advancements in technology. It seems as if companies worldwide are at a constant battle to develop the next “big thing” in the technological world. Society has adapted to these technological advancements in a constant race of “ keeping up with the Jones’ “. Consumers must have the best and newest electronic devices, and new technology replaces old. As the world moves towards the next millennium and technological abilities of nations continues to grow and expand, societies are racing in an attempt to ensure that their legal and societal structures keep pace with their technological advancements. Throughout history, society has adapted to advancements in technology, but it takes time. Often laws trial behind technology, leaving a void. More importantly, individuals frequently attempt to apply archaic legal doctrine to technologies that were in some cases nearly unimaginable at the time of inception of the legal principle. It is important to understand the concepts of law, particularly cyber law, in order to move forward with future advancements in the internet and other technologies. Many people use the internet, without awareness of cyber crimes, or knowledge of cyber law, and easily become victims of cyber crime. Cyber law is an informal term used to refer to all laws governing electronic communications and transactions, particularly those conducted via the Internet. (BUS 230/The Legal Environment of Business) Cyber law deals with the legal issues of the internet usage and all devices connected over the network, and their proper use in order to prevent and control
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