Sportswear Market and Nike

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marketing management planning and control | Sportswear market and Nike | Mohammad Bin Amin | | | Student id s11005980 | | Contents page numbers Introduction 3 Objectives 3 Task a 3 Political 4 Economical 5 Social 5 Technological 5 Environmental 6 Legal 6 Task b 6 Marketing Planning Tools to help NIKE 6 BCG matrix 7 Stars 8 Cash cows 8 Question marks 8 Dogs 9 Ansoff growth matrix 9 Market penetration 9 Market development 9 Product development 10 Diversification 10 Task c 10 Geo-demographic segmentation 10 Conclusion 11 References 12 Introduction Sportswear relates to both footwear and clothing, fashion is also a part of it. The first ever running shoe was designed by the founder of ADIDAS [Adi Dassler] back in 1928 (The Independent). Sportswear market is one of the most volatile markets in the world and it had been so for last decade or more. We are living in a globalised world and the modern term is global village. Whatever change takes place in one country’s market that directly or indirectly make an effect on another country’s market. In this dynamic world companies are constantly working hard on innovation and sophistication, to keep the pace with the changing environment. Furthermore, the technology is playing a very big role in the sportswear market, because people are very keen to maximise the every possible use of technology and more aware of the surroundings than they used to be. Objectives: This report is to identify how the sportswear market has changed over the last decade or more, to explain the marketing planning tools (Boston consulting group’s product matrix and Ansoff’s growth matrix) to help Nike developing marketing objectives and strategies, and the potential advantages of Nike, if they move towards geo-demographic segmentation to expand into the UK football market. Task a United Kingdom’s

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