Cross And Church In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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6 November 2009 In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; the cross and church is an item that has a significant role in this medieval romance. The cross and church represents the Green Chapel of the Green Knight. Gawain is a character of high morals and determination. Throughout this romance, there are several examples of how Green Chapel represents Gawain as holy individual with godly beliefs. The supposed “castle” of the Green knight was actually the Green Chapel in which the Knight tested Gawain’s life through faithfulness. The Green Knight believes that King Arthur’s men are all puny cowards, so Gawain requests that he takes on the challenge. Gawain accepts the Green Knight’s challenge, “To the Green Chapel come, I charge you, to take such a dint as you have dealt … That your neck should have a knock on New Year’s morn” (221-223). The Green Chapel is the place where Sir Gawain will meet his fate. The chapel represents the honesty of Sir Gawain. He was determined to get to the Green Knight to prove himself; but yet he was not blinded by the green knights’ wife. The Green Knight tries to intimidate Sir Gawain about returning the favor with an axe in one year and one day. Sir Gawain is aware of his state of being in a year and a day, and is nervous and scared yet also determined. This quote explains the significance of Sir Gawain’s character: bold, honorable, and respectful.…show more content…
The Green Knight talks about his popularity and how everyone near the chapel knows who he is, and where he is. The medieval period was a time based on dignity and reliance. This time period consisted of people with pride and high self-esteem. During this time, people were more worried about keeping their reputation than they were about

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