Critical Analysis of "The Road Not Taken"

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Ayden Harris Dr. Olsen English 102 March 12, 2013 Robert Frost’s Poem “The Road Not Taken” "The Road Not Taken” is an iconic poem which establishes the poetic genius of Robert Frost, one of America’s much celebrated writers. All scholarly discourses on the poem clarify many vital aspects regarding the theme and other stylistic aspects. On a peripheral analysis, the poem seems to be a descriptive account of a journey of persons. The person is the poet himself, and he is talking about the road he has to choose in undertaking the journey. Critical thinking from the part of the readers makes it clear that the poet is talking about certain grave issues in life. It is in this context that a philosophical reading of Frost’s poem attains significance. The real greatness of the poet lies in the fact that he could present all details with vivid literary devices. Through the poem, Robert Frost gives answers to certain deep philosophical questions of practical life. Robert Frost is a poet who always speaks through images. Throughout the poem, it is seen that there are a number of supreme symbols which heighten the themes presented. As the title indicates, there is a road at the center of the poem. In fact, there are two roads which the poet sees right in front of him. But he does not, at first, know which road to take in order to reach the destination. He realizes that both the roads would lead him to where he has to reach. Yet, he has to choose one road from the two. It is the philosophy of an individual which is being highlighted in all selection processes. The poet undertakes critical thinking on finding two roads. Here, the readers can rightly understand that the poet is talking about the choices life offers (Shmoop Editorial Team). The road is a metaphor which has multilayered meanings. In life, a person has to make a series of choices. Each such instance

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