Corporate Culture A Case Study On Hotels

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Introduction Industry, and consequently economy, has reached in the last decade a level of great saturation due to the extreme competition between companies and is, in most of the markets, leading to a significant decrease on productivity, employees lack of motivation and consequently customer dissatisfaction. Results are measured and analysed but there is still a gap between productive and efficient companies and the really successful ones. Questioned by this, leaders and analysts were driven into the complexity of culture and interpersonal communication within the company. The conclusion came fast and in an obvious way: individuals are the heart of a company and their relationship, values and way of acting is reflected all over the company’s activity. Cindy Gordon (2008) believes that “culture impacts a person’s actions, thoughts, successes and failures. It represents beliefs, behaviours and attitudes that consciously lives by”. She ends up by stating that “companies, like people, have their own unique culture” (Gordon, 2008). Bradt (2008) stated that companies are like personalities – The Corporate Identity provides a characteristic, unique and comprehensive description of each one. It describes roots and traditions, the current entity and perspectives and visions for the future. The overall picture is divided into four sections: • Corporate Design- visual identity and/or brand image • Corporate Branding – brands or product communication • Corporate Communication- PR • Corporate Culture In this study we try to explain what corporate culture is and analyse its impact on productivity, costumer/employee satisfaction as well as the ways to implement it. Press review Corporate culture was defined by Hill and Jones (2001) as being “the specific collection of values and norms that are shared by people and groups in an organization and that control
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