Conversation Between Gender

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The widespread imbalance in sex’s interests and expectations poses as a communication gap between the two genders. It causes men and women to have different impressions of social interaction with the opposite sex. In “Sex, Lies, and Conversation,” written by Deborah Tannen, She states that lack of conversation is wreaking havoc within marriages. In order to avoid these conflicts we should understand how each other behaves so that we won’t get the wrong idea about our attitudes and judge them unfairly. Deborah Tannen describes how differences in communication start in the childhood socialization. For girls, oral communication is the basis of their relationships. They tend to talk much amongst each other, often trading secrets and gossips. Boys tend to communicate more physically than orally, by doing things together and creating larger groups. Within these large groups, boys compete with each other in order to not feel of a lower position in the groups. Intimate conversation is a form of weakness for boys and men, just like how children feel looked down upon when their parents are talking to them. Men and women have different ways of listening and communicating. Some women feel like men sometimes do not listen to what they are saying. In fact, they are listening. No matter how old are they, girls and women face each other in conversation with direct eye contact. Unlike boys and men who are easily distracted by their surroundings, and do not like to look the other person in the eye when they are being spoken to. The author shows an example of a young couple where whenever the girl wanted to talk to her boyfriend, he would lie down on the floor, close his eyes, and put his arm over his face. The girl clearly thought that he was taking a nap and completely ignoring her, but he insisted that he was blocking out everything around him and was concentrated on listening.
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