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AP U.S. History Unit 3: The Critical Period Constitution Worksheet PREAMBLE: * 1. What are the purposes of the new government? * form a more perfect union * establish justice * insure domestic tranquility * provide for the common defense * promote the general welfare * secure the blessings of liberty ARTICLE I: The Legislative Branch: 1. Name the two branches of the legislature. What are they jointly called? What qualifications to be a member of each? * House of Representatives & Senate * Congress of the United States * HoR: 25 years old, 7 years a citizen, inhabitant of the State elected from * Senate: 30 years old, 9 years a citizen, inhabitant of the State elected from 2. Who is the…show more content…
Do you see cause for state-central government conflict in this article? How? * When there is disagreement over the powers of federal and state governments ARTICLE VII: The Ratification Process: 1. How is the Constitution ratified? * By the vote of 9 states VOCABULARY FOR THE CONSTITUTION: ♦ Enumerated powers: powers specifically delegated to the federal government in Article 1, Section 8 ♦ Delegated powers: same as enumerated ♦ Implied powers: those necessary to carry out the tasks/powers expressly delegated to the government; “necessary and proper” ♦ Advice and consent: refers to the role of the Senate in confirming presidential appointments and ratifying treaties ♦ Writ of habeas corpus: can’t be held in jail/detained without charges against ♦ Bill of attainder: law that singles out individual or group for punishment without trial ♦ Naturalization: granting citizenship ♦ Pocket veto: President not returning a bill to Congress during the 10 day time from before Congress adjourns ♦ Ex post facto: after the fact; retroactive law THE FIRST 10 AMENDMENTS: THE BILL OF RIGHTS: * First: no gov’t est. religion; freedom of religion, speech, press, right of the people to peaceably assemble, petition the gov’t for redress of

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