Conscription Vietnam War

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In 1950 Australia was involved in the Vietnam War, as there was alliance with the Americans and involvement with Seato and Anzus. Australia believed it was there call to send troops to Vietnam due to alliance with American as they feared of the spreading of communism. The Vietnam War was broadcasted all over the world, for the first time people were viewing what was really involved in the War, this affected peoples mind with conscription, this left a big controversy with many people were both for and against. This lead to a protest called the moratoriums protest; this was the biggest division in society. When the first World Wat occurred in 1914, conscription was brought to discuss either young men would have to be forced to be involved…show more content…
Many people had protested through city streets which consisted as a peaceful protest with protesters sending out messages of peace and the ending of war, banners with messages with sayings such as “make love not war or no to conscription” . Impacts that were involved with the Vietnamese after the war had ended was many had migrated to Australia has they feared for communist’s taking over. Another impact caused by the war was many Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao’s and Thai’s people had escaped their country, many wanted to escape tragic memories the war had put upon family and friends who were attacked severely with no particular reason also the manslaughter of men, women and children. Letters sent home by the Vietnam vetenarians meant that families were able to keep in touch with soldiers and keep updated with information that was brought to the the media. As WWI and WWII occurred letters were sent home however there was not a good understanding as many words were bleeped out, this had reason as this information was kept away from publicity however for the first time, no words were bleeped or what so ever. All information was presented. Many Australians changed their aspect towards there beliefs about this particular war, this was also brought up, a group of mothers who were not approving conscription started an opposition group such as S O S (save our sons). Supporters of such wars ie. Elder generations of Australians who strongly believed in ANZAC sprit stated that young people SHOULD strongly believe in the ANZAC
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