Connections Between Act 1 and Let's All Feel Superior

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Crucible Act I and Let’s All Feel Superior connections Connections between Act I of The Crucible and the article Let’s All Feel Superior by David Brooks There are some very obvious connections between The Crucible and “Let’s All Feel Superior”. In both of the pieces, the authors portray that people when put in decisions that could affect them will lie to save themselves. In The Crucible, Abigail is questioned about being involved in witchcraft and turns the attention to Tituba, who is innocent in the situation. “[MRS. PUTNAM enters with TITUBA, and instantly ABIGAIL points at TITUBA.] ABIGAIL. She made me do it! She made Betty do it! TITUBA. [Shocked and angry.] Abby!” (Miller, 1045). Abigail accuses Tituba of being a witch because it will save her reputation from being soiled. In “Let’s All Feel Superior”, Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary were in a position where in order to save their jobs they had to keep information confidential to the rest of the public. “…whose indignation is based on the assumption that if they had been in Joe Paterno’s shoes, or assistant coach Mike McQueary’s shoes, they would have behaved better, They would have taken action to stop any sexual assaults.” (Brooks, Paragraph I). This is similar to Abigail’s case because if Paterno or McQueary had said anything about the scandal, it would have ruined their reputation because they would have said something way too late after too many victims were abused. Even though Abigail spoke out about something and Paterno and McQueary kept quiet about something, they were still for the same reason. The next connection between The Crucible and “Let’s All Feel Superior” is that in both of the events taking place, people tried to blame the results on an outside force. In The Crucible, when Betty seems to be dying, Mr. Putnam wants to blame the suffering on God. “REBECCA. If so he is, then let us go

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