Conflict Is Unique to the Individual

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VCE English Unit 3 – Creating and Presenting This expository piece is aimed at those currently studying Encountering Conflict in VCE English, or those who have studied it in recent years. It aims to provide the audience with an alternative point of view when trying to understand or help those around them who may be suffering conflict in their lives. The use of formal language in reference to Beresford’s Paradise Road encourages the intellectual ability of the young adults. The topic is to be “Conflict is unique to the individual”, relating to the ‘Encountering Conflict” topic studied, also helps the reader to understand the treatment of the prisoners in the studied text and their individual responses. This piece is to be published in the Time magazine. “Conflict is unique to the individual” Conflict is something every person deals with at some point in his or her life. The idea that conflict is unique to the individual is a large and involved concept. A human being is unique to oneself, being the only person like them in the universe. This is reflected in their response to conflict, which is also unique. Different personal reactions to conflict and reactions controlled by the people surrounding the being also ensure that conflict is unique to the individual. Individuality is what makes a person a person. If nobody had distinctive qualities, the world would be full of cloned, boring people. This idea that everyone is different encompasses so many things about him or her. A person’s upbringing is not the same as another’s. The expectations of the family and society, taught to an individual from an early age, and continually throughout the lifespan, bring into play how a person thinks and acts, and in turn, reacts. Past experiences can shape a person, and change them. If someone has experienced a loved ones death through drowning, they may develop a fear of
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