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Condoleezza Rice is a very successful African American politician. During her younger years she accomplished many things. All throughout her life she received a great education. As she grew she impacted many people, especially in politics. For example, Condoleezza Rice was the sixty-sixth Secretary of State. Condoleezza Rice was born November 14, 1954, in Birmingham, Alabama. She was the only child of John and Angelena Rice. John Wesley Rice was a Presbyterian minister and a guidance counselor at Ullman High School. He knew that African Americans would one-day rise in America. Angelena Rice was also a teacher at Ullman High School. She taught science, music, and public speaking. When Condoleezza Rice was born her parents were well educated and had had good jobs, that made a typical example of an African America middle class family. While growing up Jim Crow Laws and segregation where active, even though they where Condoleezza led a very sheltered life. At a very young age Condoleezza showed signs of being not only articulate but talented as well. At the age of three she learned piano, French, figure skating, and ballet. At the age of fifteen she began to peruse her dream of becoming a professional concert pianist; she later realized that music alone would not be enough to support her. So she put her dream of becoming a pianist away and perused a new dream. In 1967 Condoleezza and her family moved to Denver, Colorado. It was in Denver that Rice attended an all girls private Catholic school. Once she graduated from St. Mary’s Academy she attended the University of Denver. In 1974 Rice graduated receiving her B.A in Political Science. In years to come Rice went on to further her education. In the coming years she received her Master’s Degree and her PhD in political science. In 1981 Condoleezza worked as an Assistant professor of Political Science at

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