Computers: Outputs Devices' Importance Essay

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Computers: Output Devices’ Importance Many people use computers on daily bases, some question themselves about computers output devices and their importance? An output device is any piece of computer hardware equipment used to communicate the results of data processing carried out by an information processing system which converts the electronically generated information into human-readable form, so basically a computer itself is an output. In my essay I’ll only present the output devices in computers, generally there are too many, the most important are: the monitor, the printer and the webcam. A monitor (or a screen) is an electronic visual display for computers; experts believe that it’s the most important output in the computer because computers originally only used monitors, CPU and a keyboard. Still nowadays, many use tablets which 90% depend on the screen, so it’s has multiple usages. It can be used as a TV, a tablet or a computer but mostly for computers, to be fair though there are other important outputs which complement monitors. The first complementary for a monitor is a printer, so what does it do? A printer is a peripheral which produces a representation of an electronic document on physical media such as paper or transparency film. It’s also an essential device for workers, teachers and students. The second complementary is a webcam; some experts believe that webcams are just as important as printers, so what is the function of a webcam? A webcam is a video camera that feeds its image in real time to a computer or a network. People all around the world use them for connecting with their love ones; technically they are attached to the screen in most computers. Outputs are extremely necessary for computers we all agree on that. I my essay I discussed the importance of outputs, to be exact (monitors, Printers and

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