Comparison of Authoritative Figures in One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest and 1984

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Focusing on “1984” and “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” compare how authors name their authoritarian figures. George Orwell and Ken Kesey are two authors whose primary concern regarded issues surrounding the ideas of social conformity due to the occurrence of authoritarian regimes. Both authors are seen to do this through their characterisation of particular tyrannical individuals. Some readers may argue that it would be a mistake to concentrate on the characterisation of both Big Brother and Nurse Ratched, as it could be argued that these characters are mere figureheads of oppressive societies rather than sources of oppression within themselves. Nevertheless it is in fact through the authors’ depiction of these characters that they present crucial metaphors for the characteristics of oppression. Both authors can be seen as having negative reactions to contemporary political regimes. Orwell chose to write “1984” in order to reflect the ever growing fear that some Britons held towards their own government, and for the novel to also serve as a warning to society as to the dangers of allowing the reign of an autocratic government. This was due to the rapid rise of dictatorship in the mid twentieth century, in particularly the rise of Stalinism. These surrounding political issues inspired Orwell’s’ perception of authority as he uses a stereotypical male who embodies masculinity, and whose very name connotes that of a dominating and controlling individual. As opposed to Kesey who wished to portray the dangers of a bureaucratic system and how it is used to suppress individuality. Although much like Orwell, Kesey also creates a tyrannical leader who is seen to meticulously dominate a small society in every way possible, nonetheless Kesey’s leader is one that appears to be more domestically motivated, as he is seen to use a figure that seems to be more intrusive into the

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