Comparing The Story 'The Pathway From Slavery To Freedom' By Harriet Jacobs

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Slavery The two stories “the pathway from slavery to freedom” by Frederick Douglass and “Flight and save retreat” by Harriet Jacobs are beautiful stories that shows the dark side of the slavery and give the complete image form the prospective of the people of different age and sex. Frederick story is the story of a boy who how’s the importance of education and struggle to learn. Whereas Jacob is a mother who ran away from her master to save them from getting apart. Both stories have many similarities in the way the slave owner behavior, as well as they have many differences as they were in different situations. Frederick starts from the time when he was a boy. He was born as a slave. When he was a boy he got a new mistress. She was…show more content…
Although she was also born as slave but she runs away from her master to protect her children. After running from her master she went to her friend house where she hides for few days. After that she went to a nice lady house to hide. That lady knows Jacobs’s mother science the beginning and she was very fond of her. The lady heard the story of Jacobs and she offered her to hide at her house. Jacobs hide there until the end. After the escape of Jacobs, her Master Mr. Flint became angry. He went to Jacobs’s mother house and made threat to her. He searched every inch of the town but was unable to find her, which makes him angrier. After few days unsessesful search Mr. Flint put Jacobs’s brother and sons in to his private prison. He thought that after hearing about her brother and children been in prison and been in pain and agony; may force Jacobs to come out of the hiding. After all plans of Mr. Flint failed, he sells the children and the brother of Jacobs to a slave trader. They slave trader was infect working for the father of the children. After buying them the slave trader sold them to the father, who let them free. After hearing this Jacobs came out of the
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