Comparing The Road 'And The Taker' By Cormac Mccarthy

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For my creative writing, ‘Beyond the Passing.’ The stimulus texts that I focused on are ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy and ‘The Taker’ by Alma Katsu. From ‘The Road’ the themes that I used are survival, desperation and death. What fascinated me about the novel was that it was set in post-apocalyptic “burnt America” and there was hardly any humans left, and the other types of humans had turned to cannibalism due to lack of food. In my piece, it deals with similar issues, having most of mankind turn to zombies, known as “roamers” because of a nuclear bomb released to destroy the whole population. However, in McCarthy’s novel, it is unclear what the cause of the new world was. From ‘The Taker’ the idea of the longing for company was the inspiration to the short story. The character Kennedy seems to have lived alone for too long that it has become normal for her, until she meets another human and feels un-easy because it’s been too long since she has been in contact with anyone.…show more content…
It continues on to the character drinking a few “mouthfuls” of “wine and vodka” (an unlikely mix), indicating the character drinks alcohol on a regular basis, due to stress and the trauma of her situation. It also shows of how she remembers every detail of her past and how she drinks to forget some of these things, however, the effects of alcohol only lasts temporarily. Similarly to McCarthy’s novel, the father character wakes up in “the dark and the cold” night, showing restlessness and the failure to find comfort in the surroundings they sleep

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