Comparing Characters In John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Alexander J. Weissend English 10 Mrs. Ricci 20 March 2012 Of Mice and Men Essay When two men try to fulfill a dream hardship, and sorrow followed by a devastating end to a journey long traveled. Based in California in the 1930s, a few miles south of Soledad. George and Lennie discover the reason most men like them don’t make it to their dreams. In Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck use emotionally vivid setting, informal language, and undermined and flawed characters to express how these men may to work their hardest but the America dream was just too out of reach. In Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck uses visual details and life like descriptions to create vivid emotional setting. For example, in chapter 1 he says “On one side of the river…show more content…
He never introduced any character except maybe slim that was very good or bad. Even George and Lennie the main characters in the novel Of Mice and Men were both very dysfunctional in their own ways. Lennie had terrible trouble in the fact that he was more of a kid in an adult body. He didn’t know how to control his strength, his hands, or his emotion. This got him in trouble in Weed, just like what happened in the 5 chapter of the book with Curley’s wife and his puppy. Another example of a dysfunctional character that john Steinbeck used to make this thrilling story what it is today to the people of the world, is Candy and Carlson both not very big characters in the story. Both are unique in their own way about how they contribute to the story. First Carlson is a specific textbook example of a ranch hand for life in both the book and movie he was a fairly large man that looked in his early or late 30s, he looked and sounded as if he had been working low-end jobs all his life. Then there’s Candy an older man maybe late forty’s early fifties. A man that had lost his hand worker on that very same ranch they have been worker at during the story. As an older man he couldn’t work like Leinne and the rest of the men. He was a Swamper so old about to lose his job he tried to work with George and Lennie into going in with them on their dream farm
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