Compare Strong Emotions in Horse Whisperer and Medusa

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Compare the ways poets present strong emotions in Medusa and one other poem I am comparing Medusa and Horse Whisperer. The first emotion is anger. In Medusa, anger is shown by ‘I looked at a snuffling pig, a boulder rolled, in a heap of shit’. The vulgarism emphasises her anger because it stands out, being the only swear-word. In the poem, it is the ‘pinnacle’ of the anger. It contrasts with the childlike language earlier on in the stanza, ‘snuffling pig’, which again highlights her anger, and suggests that the reason behind her anger is ‘childish’ or silly, but the anger is real. ‘Snuffling pig’ could be reflected in her husband- he is a ‘pi’ in personality, and he is supposedly ‘snuffling’ or looking for girls. This could be why she takes her anger out on an innocent creature Similarly, in Horse Whisperer, anger is shown in ‘foul hex’. Again, he is taking his anger out on an innocent animal, by making the horse unrideable, and therefore likely to be beaten or sold on. Furthermore, the word ‘foul’ suggests he feels bad about hexing an animal he loved, hence the description of it as ‘foul’. Also, the word hex is traditionally associated with witches, when earlier on he was talking about being ‘scorned as…witch’. This could suggest that although he doesn’t like to think of himself as a witch, he has witch-like qualities- in the eyes of others at least. In Medusa, another emotion is bitterness. ‘I stared in the mirror, love gone bad’. This shows bitterness because she is bitter about the way ‘love’ has turned out. It is almost an oxymoron, because society teaches us that love is good and should be sought after, whereas what she is saying goes against this. This intensifies the emotion and reinforces how much of a ‘mess’ their relationship is in. In Horse Whisperer, bitterness is shown in ‘I was the life-blood no longer’. This shows he is bitter about

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