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Director Lisa Peterson’s vision of how William Shakespeare’s “Othello” should be produced, and my vision of how “Othello” should be produced are quite similar, but in the same respect, different. I believe that the production of Othello that we saw in Ashland was a successful representation of the director’s visions, and that the visions the director had are a valid interpretation of “Othello”. In the Ashland version Iago was very manipulative and conniving, and Othello was well played due to the fits of deep passion he goes into that are emotional and very convincing. At the same time, Othello was a bit over the top at points, giving the other actors a shower of spit, as well as being somewhat over dramatic at points. I do believe that the…show more content…
(Act-1, Scene-3, 362-365). Iago is also a very racist character. As Peterson says, “He doesn’t like Othello’s skin color.” He relates Othello to an animal, or sub-human being. He tells Brabantio that his daughter is sleeping with a beast/animal, and that he needs to keep a closer eye on her. He proves his racist nature when he says to Brabantio, “Even now, now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe.” (Act-1, Scene-1, 90-91) He also says that, “… your daughter and the Moore are now making the beast with two backs.” (Act-1 Scene-1, 117-118) Othello in Ashland didn’t do as good of a job portraying how Othello is in Shakespeare’s original play. He does go into fits of passion and rage, but also overdoes those fits. He screams and shakes more like he is having a seizure than a fit of passion. He also spits and drools which kills the seriousness of his role in the play. Othello does do a good job of portraying the lack of self confidence, and at the same time the arrogance that Othello has. A solid example of this is when he says with just the right amount of passion, My services which I have done the

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