Compare How Eliot and Yeats Present Relationships

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Compare how Eliot and Yeats present relationships Within their work, both Eliot and Yeats often present similar relationships of many types, both between man and woman and also the narrator and an aspect of their life. It is evident within Yeats’s poems that he has more positive, love based ideal of relationships, whereas Eliot portrays a more realistic, blunt and sometimes undervaluing perception. Eliot’s Portrait of a lady seems to focus on the futility of Love, whereas In When you are old presents the mystery of love and how easily it can be lost. Alternatively, Yeats’s The Mask presents love as a façade, whereas Eliot’s Love song of Alfred J Prufrock sees love as superficiality. One of Eliot’s poems which I focused on was The Love song of Alfred J Prufrock, which presents the narrator- Prufrock, and his struggle to find love, in the format of a dramatic monologue. Within the poem, Eliot uses the words ‘grown slightly bald’ to construct the anxious, yet egotistic mind-set of the character, and how he seems to fixate on his flaws, and uses them as an excuse for his non-existent relationship. The word ’bald’ also reflects how he doesn’t feel that he is an entire man any more, and as he ages, he is losing the aesthetic features which would draw women towards him. Similarly ‘for I have known them all already’ presents his neglect towards the females around him, with ‘already’ implying that he no longer sees any interest in them ‘, with ‘all’ reflecting the fragmentation of the female body as he tries to excuse himself. Within When You are Old, Yeats presents the narrator reflecting upon the mysteries of their life, and how relationships have affected them in the past- both positively and negatively. The narrator calls upon a previous lover to ‘murmur a little sadly’- in a hopeless attempt to make her consider what he has experienced through being forgotten, and

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