Compare and Contrast the Roles of Gender in the Yellow Wallpaper and the Bluest Eye

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Compare and Contrast the Roles of Gender in The Yellow Wallpaper and The Bluest Eye The gender roles in The Yellow Wallpaper and The Bluest Eye both have an expected norms which are two be followed, albeit ones that are dependent upon the time and social placement of those involved, they also portray a deviation from these norms. In The Yellow Wallpaper it is shown that there norms and values which must be kept to for a women to be accepted in society. To gain this social acceptance they need to be compliant to their husband’s biddings and be meek and untoward in the public eye. The repetitive use of the expression “Personally, I” by Jane is a direct contrast to the female stereotype; it expresses a confidence in her own opinions and intelligence when she must rely upon her husbands. It portrays Jane’s resentment of the fact that her opinion is of no or little importance in true society. Although Jane feels hard done by she still holds to the social view that she must conform to her husbands will and wholly disregard her own views, no matter how much she wishes to be forthright the doubt is there, “But what is one to do?” Jane’s inability to conform to the normal ways of behave for someone of her gender and social standing result in her having to involuntary, for it is the will of her husband, rest cure where she is allowed to do nothing, which leads to a socially unsolicited outcome. “”I’ve got out at last,” said I “in spite of you and Jane.”” Here it advocates that Jane has formed a separate individuality that has been inhibited, by social stereotypes, from coming to light but is now given the chance to be free. This freedom is also presented with the use of imagery of animalistic characteristics, “I kept on creeping just the same”, where Jane has become imprisoned. Jane is trying to conform to society’s ideals and values but wants to be freer. In
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