Compare And Contrast Malcom X And Martin Luther King

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Malcom X v. Martin Luther King Jr Have you ever wondered who were the men who fought against discrementaion and segregation during the 60s? Those men were Martin Lutther King Jr and Malcom X. Both Martin Luther King and Malcom X were the speakers of the Civil Rights protesting during the 60s. Even though MLK and Malcom x died a while back, they are still very famous and heard frequently throughout magazine articles and history text books. Their legacy of living in a world free of segregation is still alive. Although Martin Luther King and Malcom X greatly influential civil rights activists and discussed the same issue about slavery, they used different methoeds of achieving the idea about equality and freedom. There are many differences…show more content…
Fisrt of all, Martin Luther King who was raised in a middle-class family, had born in January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia and gone to college and got his PhD; he was so smart because he skipped the first and last year at Booker T washignton Hight school and went directly to the college. After that, he became an activist in the civil right movement and a releigon pastor. He married a women in 1953 who was also an activist in the civil rights fight; this women is Coretta Scott King. Coretta King raised their two sons and two daughters. There are many qualities that conterbuited to Martin Luther King sucsess. For example, Martin Luther King's way of protesting was subtle but had a great influnce on people. He was a peaceful man; and he was approching civil rights and equalitly through non-violence way. Moreover, he was a great speaker. He spoke out for passive resistence and non-violent protesting. King’s long speeches often caught wandering people, and drew them into the crowd. He used his speeches as a key to change people's concept of slavery. His speeches such as the “ I Have a Dream” speech were very powerful, but it didnt show anything about violence; even his tone while he was gving his speeches seemed more inspirational. Matrin Luther King is the youngest person ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in…show more content…
They both had a dream, and worked very hard to accomplish that dream. Malcom X was willing to do whatever it takes to achive his dream of a world that is free of segregation even if it was through the violence way. However, Martin Luther King was a peacful activist and used the non-violence way to sturggle with the discrementaion. Although Malcom X and Martin Luther had some differences in the way they were achieveing their goals, they were fighting for the same thing which was to get the freedom. At the end, both of them had a

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