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Diaz Gloria January 3, 2013 Comparison and Contrast Essay “The United States Versus Colombia” This essay will compare and contrast two countries. In order to do this I will use four subject areas. These subject areas are: climate, demography, cuisine, standard of living. Whichever you choose is according to your personal taste. The first subject area is the climate. The United States has many different kinds of climate. There are, or example, extremely hot dessert areas and very cold northern ones. Colombia on the other hand is characterized for having hot land, temperate land, cold land, and frozen land. The second subject matter is the demography. The United States has many different ethic and racial groups of people. Colombia has just a few. America and Colombia respectively have a heterogeneous and homogeneous human population. The third subject area is the cuisine. America with its very diverse population has many different kinds of cuisine. Colombia has a main dish called Bandeja Paisa which consists of white rice, red beans, ground beef, plantain, chorizo, morcilla, chicharron, arepa, avocado and a fried egg. The final subject area is the standard of living. The United States, a democratic capitalistic society, has much higher standard living. Colombia was the first constitutional government in South America. People living in America, unlike those in Colombia, have the potential upward mobility. In conclusion, this essay has compared The United States and Colombia. One is a very restricted country. The other is very free. Most people prefer the freedom of

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