Community Health Nursing Task 4 Essay

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Emergency Response HAT Task 4 The Major Public Health Personal in the Disaster In an emergency, the main focus is on saving lives and safety issues. There has to be a clear chain of communication that people understand and can integrate into easily. “The Incident Command System (ICS) is a formalized management structure that lends consistency, fosters efficiency, and provides direction during a disaster or emergency response” (Herrman, 2007, p. 145). The ICS is comprised of major public health personnel, who have received the required training to become National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant. These individuals are expected to have a clear understanding of their expected roles and responsibilities for successful emergency management and incident response. The Incident Commander The incident commander oversees the entire response to the disaster. He or she has the sole responsibility of ensuring that the entire response effort is conducted in an efficient, organized and effective way. This person also delegates functions for each team member, and puts into place the incident aims, strategies, and areas of main concern. He generally directs the operation. The Public information Officer (PIO) Disasters are an important source of news and needs to be relayed to the public accurately, and at the same time, enhance one’s interest. During a disaster, the public information officer holds this responsibility. The PIO answers to the Incident Commander, and ensures that the the community and collaborating agencies is given public health information is applicable to the situation. He bears the responsibility of furthering effective and accurate communications and making known this information appropriately. In order for the message of the agency to stay consistent, he keeps the public health staff informed . The Liason Officer

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