Commentary on Queen Extract - Act 4 Scene 7

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Commentary on Queen Extract - Act 4 Scene 7 This short extract from Act 4 Scene 7 of the play gives a deep visual description of the death of Ophelia as described by the Queen. The description is vital to the closure of the scene because it sets a melancholic tone inciting deep sadness into Laertes and bringing the audience to sympathize with him on two levels: that of a brother who has tragically lost his sister and that of a son who has lost his father to a gruesome murder. For this reason the audience is able to discern Laertes’ role as a parallel avenger to Fortinbras as well as being able to see the marked difference between Laertes’ approach to revenge and that of Hamlet’s approach. The way by which the Queen delivers the tragic news is also important to note, it seems that the description has been embellished and romanticized in order for the Queen to acquit herself from any blame which could possibly be placed on her for Ophelia’s death. As with many of the play’s characters the Queen uses her embellished and romanticized language to achieve a level of ambiguity surrounding Ophelia’s death leading the audience to ask many questions which go unanswered. To further analyze this extract it is necessary for us to understand why Shakespeare chose the Queen as the character to deliver the news of Ophelia’s death. The first notable parallel between both characters is that they are the two women of the novel, so their sexuality creates a bond between them. The Queen may be one of the only characters able to understand and empathize with the circumstances Ophelia was subject to solely because they are both women. However, the audience is fully aware of the fact that the Queen has largely ignored the problems Ophelia has been faced with and has failed to provide any solutions or form of emotional outlet for Ophelia. Following the death of Ophelia the Queen may

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