Comfort Women In Japan

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A Term Paper on the compensation of ‘Comfort Women’ in Japan Introduction: The ‘politics of apology’ have gained significant importance in the time spanning roughly the last decade. A growing number of organizations, pressure groups and governments in the international system can be a probable reason for this phenomenon. The underlying causes to this could be the emergence of a ‘national self reflexivity’, according to which one form of recognizing past injustices form a part of establishment of a shared morality within the international community. A more cynical view could be that apology is wither a ‘low cost’ way for governments to curry favour with marginalized groups or manifestation of a trend in society and politics in which confessional and emotional displays are considered laudable . In this context, the growing pressures on the Japanese government for apologies and compensation for ‘comfort women’ in Japanese history during the Second World War become important. This paper seeks to analyze the issue of comfort women and their compensation which till date forms an obstacle in the relations between countries of South East Asia and Japan. The first paper of the paper describes who comfort women are. Comfort women were women who forced to work as prostitutes in brothels run by the Japanese military in countries it occupied during World War II. As many as 80,000-200,000 such women from Japan, China, South Korea and many Southeast Asian countries worked in these brothels. It is argued that young women from countries under Japanese imperial domination were reportedly abducted from their homes against their will. In some cases, women were also recruited with offers of work in military canteens and factories and subsequently forced to service as comfort women. It has been documented that the Japanese military

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